Starting your own clothing business is a fun way to make money, and you can start the business by using some of the growing number of available sales platforms. Be prepared to work hard by increasing your sales because the competition is growing.
1. Research
Study different brands of clothing to see what makes them sell online. Research online or even walking around different clothing stores to gain inspiration and pick up tips on sales technique.
2. Choose your focus
Who is your ideal customer? Ask yourself which target group you want to sell your clothing too it might be men/women, kids or the youth.
Identify the product you want to sell to the target group you have chosen.

3. Find/create the product
How you source your inventory depends on your skills and your focus for your new business. Find the clothing you like, buy it at wholesale prices, mark it up and sell it. Buy used vintage clothing or the latest in-demand clothing from local thrift shops or retail stores and sell it to your customers at a markup. If you like designing clothing, you can make it yourself or pay someone else to make it according to your specifications.

4.  Clothing Business Plan
Budget the price per product with consideration of different costs you might incur such as labor, transport, materials etc. When the business takes off, having an efficiently organized inventory is incredibly helpful. When you start out, sell in small quantities to get an idea of where your profit leads you.

5. Advertise online
Online shopping in Kenya has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years and is fast becoming popular. Social media is essential if you want to promote your product effectively. But, as with anything, it takes effort and time to build followers. For social media marketing to work, you need to post regularly if not 2-3 times, depending on how many followers you have. Post enticing pictures of the products you offer, along with any deals you have going on. Ask your followers to post pictures of them wearing your products or using them in their home, depending on what you sell, to encourage interaction. Facebook is obviously a very popular choice, due to the number of profiles and the traffic that the site receives. Check out the following sites to help market your product on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.
You can also use the growing number of sales platforms available Jumia, OLX, Pigiame, Kilimall, Biashara and many more.

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