Some of these business start-up ideas on this list have always been popular for a long time making it more competitive but less risky. 

  1. Online Retail Business

List your products on big online retail stores like Jumia or Kilimall. They already have the traffic, payment processing, and inventory management. All you do is deliver the products on demand and settle down to count your cash.

  1. Selling Photos Online

If you’re good with the camera, you can take professional photos and sell them online.

  1. Vlogging (video blogging)

Enough people have become overnight celebrities by making short videos and posting them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other sites. You can start your own YouTube channel and also post your videos on Facebook. To make this work, you need a concept that will capture the hearts of people.

  1. Joining a Taxi or Ridesharing Service

The advent of popular ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Taxify has made the taxi business more lucrative in Kenya and many parts of the world. If you own a vehicle that is from the year 2006 and above, you can place the car on Uber.

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writers are in high demand by many companies due to the increase in websites and the need to promote content.

  1. Daycare Services

You could start a babysitting service or daycare school in your neighborhood and ensure the mothers in the vicinity know about your service and the type of environment their kids will take care of it, while they’re busy at work.

  1. Party Rental /Party Planner

A party rental business is indeed a good way to make extra money and in the long run can turn into a lucrative, full-time business.

  1. Sale of Furniture

Buying and selling of local make furniture is a goldmine. You don’t need to be a carpenter to do this, just arrange for regular supply from reliable carpenters while you display and sale in your store.

  1. Jewelry Line Business

Sourcing for materials to use for your jewelry line business will mean you looking for reliable suppliers and getting your materials in bulk so as to cut down on overhead cost and make your jewelry affordable.

  1. Phone Repair Business

There is hardly any adult who doesn’t have a phone in Kenya. You can gather the phone repair skills so that you can explore the huge market that is in existence.

  1. Raw Food Stuff Business

Kenyans are people who love to eat more homemade foods than the fast foods things like rice, beans, maize amongst other things are what would be sold.

  1. Making of Fruit Juice

Kenyans drink fruit juice more than any other people. This business in a capital intensive but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.

  1. Hotel Business

Invest in a small-scale hotel and watch as the money flows in.

  1. Make-Up Artist

Although it seems there are now a lot of people claiming to be make-up artists, the actual professional artists are making so much money from their business.

  1. Small-scale Importation

You can start a mini-importation business and start making money from importing items like laptops, phones, computer and electronic gadgets and accessories, FMCG products, clothes, shoes, jewelry and any other hot selling product in Kenya.

  1. Sales of Building Materials

The rate at which new houses are springing up in Kenya, you can invest in building material and make millions almost monthly in this business.

  1. FMCG Distribution

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are such as soap, tissue, detergents, snacks etc. which sell very fast, the business is consistent and steady.

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